Smarter news, without the bias.

Break out of your filter bubble: Get the full picture. Be better informed. Make smarter decisions.

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You'll love doppl

Follow the news and get the overall picture.
Have access to the best content with the most diverse angles.
All in one place.

diverse sources

The most diverse news angles

News like you’ve never read before. Get both sides of the conversation, understand where people come from, and make smarter decisions.

smart algorithms

Smart algorithms

Our algorithms not only broadcast the news you currently read, but the news you overlook. On any given topic, we gather as many angles as possible. It’s never been easier to break out of your echo chamber.

all-in-one app

All in one app

We believe following the news cycle should be effortless. This is why we're building a single app with the most diverse content. No clickbait, no ads, you just get the news.
Can't wait? We've already developed a Chrome extension that you can use for free!

Meet the team


Mỹ ensures that our vision is translated into clear and actionable steps so that we can offer more value to our users. In her spare time, she enjoys board games (and generally wins!).


Ian is fascinated by how we consume the news and how it shapes our beliefs. Selfishly started doppl because he was unsatisfied with the current status quo. He likes "boxing" (but mostly practices on punching bags) to let off some steam.


When Julie is not busy conducting user tests or designing new features, you’ll see her zooming by on her vintage and sturdy bicycle - which hasn’t been stolen despite years in Paris.


Remember when we talked about being the smartest person in the room, earlier? Kévin probably doesn't worry about that. He is in charge of the tech at doppl and we barely understand half of what he does. He has one weakness though: bubble tea.

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